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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lafonda Interview Up Close and Personal

(Lafonda) behind the scenes RH Bless Featuring Lafonda In a good space R...

RH-Bless Featuring Lafonda "In a Good Space"

Behind The Scenes of Myself and Rh-bless Videoshoot "In a Good Space".
This Video is also Set To Release in a few weeks. I actually love the
concept of this record because it basically talks about going through
a struggle in life and actually overcoming obstacles and Just being
Happy and Content with life. "In a Good Space" Directed by Rh-bless

Karlethal Ft Lafonda Behind the Scenes Video Shoot Keep it 100

Karlethal Featuring Lafonda "Keep It 100"

Check Out The Behind The Scenes Footage of Myself and Karlethal Song
"Keep It 100." This Video Is Set to release in The late fall. I had so
Much Fun working with Karlethal. He is a great Artist, he works extremely
Hard. We Shot These Scenes along poolside in Miami, FL. The Weather was
blazing Hot of Course... LoL. I Truly Enjoyed Myself

Friday, September 2, 2011


Be Fearless

I Decided To Write and Post up This Blog Today To Bring some Inspiration and to Encourage People. I am a very busy woman, and people who know me personally know that I am a very Aggressive and Powerful Woman and I get what I desire. That's because I put God First, I have Faith, I am very Optimistic, I keep a positive attitude, I surround myself with Positive People, and I am never afraid to take chances. I Sometimes get questions and comments from other aspiring artist like "How Did You DO It"? or "You Are Crazy". Well because I believe in what I do and I Know exactly  what I want in life and I'm not afraid to take risk. So I Just want to send out a positive message here to people and tell you guys, you can do what ever the hell you want to do in life, you can achieve what ever the hell you want in life. You Can Only Achieve if you Just Believe, and take your steps in faith. You don't have to see the staircase just close your eyes and take a step. Don't Complain, keep yourself away from the negative energy, the negative people, don't tell your secrets, keep your ideas to yourself until you're ready release them. Be fearless and Just DO IT! Love Lafonda ;-)